RBS issues water restrictions


The City of Red Boiling Springs is starting a mandatory water restriction.

Reductions in use would be accomplished by:

Imposing bans on lawn watering; watering for ornamental or decorative purposes (fountains, reflecting pools)l sidewalk and parking lot washing; domestic car/vehicle washing; and commercial car washes that do not recycle water.

Encouraging farmers to conserve water and providing free treated wastewater effluent to farmers for non-domestic use. (Farmers must provide the transportation and tankage.)

Limiting supply to industrial users, and frequently communicating with industrial users what amount of water they could reasonably expect.

Utilizing City Staff (police and water/wastewater system staff) to begin monitoring compliance and enforcement activities (using fines and disconnections.)

Instituting a 15 percent surcharge in water rates that would take effect for water uses above 4,000 gallons per service connection per month. The cost of compliance activities would be partially funded by fines, reconnection fees, and the increase in water rates.

If you have any questions contact Chad Owens, Water Commissioner at 615-888-6135 or Tom Fultz, Mayor at 615-670-2655.


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