Stepping On workshop helps residents prevent falls


One in three adults age 65 and over fall each year and the physical, financial and emotional costs can be devastating. Falls are not a normal part of the aging process and can be prevented. UT Extension and the Macon County Senior Citizen Center will be offering a Stepping On Workshop series beginning Wednesday, February 1st from 1:00-3:00 P.M. at the Macon County Senior Citizens Center.

Stepping On is a free six-week workshop program for independent community-dwelling older adults who have fallen, are at risk of falling or who have a fear of falling. During the workshop, participants receive support from trained leaders and other workshop participants, learn and practice strength and balance exercises and learn how medications, vision, safe footwear, and home modifications can affect their risk of falls. The goal is to help people better manage their own risk of falls and take steps on their own to prevent falls.

“It is amazing to see the change that occurs after people go through the workshop,” says Lynne Knight-UT Extension. “People are more confident, energetic, and have a new support system in place, all of which helps them lead a healthier life.”

The program was developed by Dr. Lindy Clemson of Sydney, Australia, to help older adults learn ways to prevent falls. It was brought to the United States by Dr. Jane Mahoney, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging, with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and other partners. The research has found that people who complete the workshop have a 31% reduced rate of falls.

To register for the upcoming Stepping On workshop, contact Lynne Knight-UT Extension at 615-666-3341; email: or Brenda Filson-Senior Citizens Center at 615-666-3780; email:


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