MCJH Tigerettes wins 2 out of 3

By Kayla Fleming

On Monday, November 14th, the Macon County Junior High Tigers faced off against the Westmoreland Eagles.

Ethan Jenkins was the top scorer for the Tigers. Jenkins, with only three fouls, had seven two-point shots, a three pointer, and three free throws for a total of 20 points. The next top scorer was Riley Cook with ten total points from five two-point shots. Cook also had three fouls.

Gavin Clayborne and Logan Whittemore each had six points. Clayborne had a two-point shot and four free throws. Whittemore had three two-point shots. Each had two fouls.

Isaac Meador had three free throws for the Tigers during the game. Meador also had four fouls. Conner Johnson had one three-pointer during the game, and only one foul.

The Tigers overtook the Eagles, 48 to 39.

The Macon County Junior High Tigerettes and the Gordonsville Junior High Tigerettes went head to head on Tuesday, November 15th in Lafayette in what would prove to be a very high scoring game for Macon County.

Keeley Carter had seventeen points for the Macon County Tigerettes in the game. With only one foul, Carter had six two-point shots, a three-pointer, and two free throws. Kyndel Bullington had six two-point shots and four free throws for a total of sixteen points at Tuesday’s game. Bullington had two fouls.

Marah King had eight points, all from two-point shots and four fouls. McKaylee Mix had a two-point shot, a three-point shot, and a free throw, gaining six points for Macon County.

Mattie Goolsby, Jenna Russell, Luci Allen, and Landra Stafford each had four points during the game. Goolsby was two for two with two-point shots. Russell, Allen, and Stafford also had two two-pointers. Jamie Ashburn had a three-pointer for the Tigerettes.

Macon County Junior High defeated Gordonsville, 66 to 22.

The Macon County Junior High Tigerettes traveled to Gainesboro to take on the Jackson County Junior High Lady Blue Devils on Friday, November 18th.

Keeley Carter was the top scorer for the Tigerettes. Carter had two two-point shots, three three-pointers, and two free throws, totaling 15 points. Carter had three fouls.

Kyndel Bullington and Marah King each had six points during the game. Bullington had three two-point shots while King had a two-point shot and four free throws. Bullington had four fouls, King had one.

Jenna Russell had a three-pointer during Friday night’s game, as well as two free throws for a total of five points. Russell had four fouls.

Morgan Carter had a three-pointer for Macon County, and Mattie Goolsby had a two-point shot.

The Tigerettes fell to the Lady Blue Devils, 37 to 34.

By Kayla Fleming

Reach Kayla Fleming at 615-666-2440.Reach

Reach Kayla Fleming at 615-666-2440.Reach

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