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December has been a tough month for Macon County High School basketball. Coming off an extended break due to weather-enforced game cancellations and the Thanksgiving holiday, MCHS played Cannon County on December 3rd, Upperman on December 10th, Livingston Academy on December 12th, York Institute on December 13th and Lebanon on December 14th. The boys lost all five games. The girls won two and lost three.

It’s not for lack of trying that the boys are losing. They give every game their best and they are talented. The problem according to their coach Jason Welch is they need more experience. Seven of the teams’ starters from last year graduated, leaving only one starter for the current season. Watching them play, one can see taking shape their future as champions. In the meantime, they are struggling.

12/3/13 MCHS v Cannon County Boys 44-59

The boys played an away game against Cannon County on December 3, 2013. They lost the game 44-59. #44 Dillon McCormick scored 15 points in the game. #20 Evan Perrigo made 10. #11 Tyler Carlisle made 5. #30 Mayson Shrum made 4. #33 Kenderick Carter added 3. #10 Michael Ashburn and #12 Alex Hill each contributed 2 points, and #32 Clay Carnahan added 1. They put 9 points on the board in the first quarter, 7 in the second, 11 in the third and 17 in the fourth. They made 12 of 15 free-throws, 13 of 34 two-point shots and 2 of 23 attempted three-point shots. They’ll have a rematch with Cannon County on January 17th, 2014.

12/3/13 MCHS v Cannon County Girls 29-65

The girls also lost the December 3rd game against Cannon County. The final score was 29-65. With 7, #40 Leah Anderson was the highest scorer. #22 Reese Shrum and #23 Briley Driver each had 6. #14 Paige Clark had 4, and #21 Jade Ellis, #12 Kassidy Brooks and #24 Sarah Carter had 2 each. They made 5 to Cannon County’s 13 points in the first quarter. They made 12 points in the second quarter, 10 in the third and were held to 2 points in the fourth quarter. As a team, they made 6 of 30 two-point and 2 of 12 three-point shots and 11 of 17 free-throws.

12/10/13 MCHS v Upperman Boys 49-67

The Tigers played a home game against Upperman on December 10th. They lost 49-67. They put 13 points on the board in the first quarter, 14 points in the second and 11 each in the third and fourth quarters. #20 Evan Perrigo made 13 points. #23 Peyton Clark made 8. #12 Alex Hill made 7. #44 Dillon McCormick and #25 Trace McPherson each made 6. #10 Michael Ashburn made 4. #33 Kenderick Carter made 3. And, #30 Mayson Shrum made 2. As a team, they made 17 of 33 two-point baskets, none of 8 attempts at three-point baskets and 15 of 19 free-throw attempts. They’ll have another chance at Upperman on January 28th in the new year.

12/10/13 MCHS v Upperman Girls 50-45

The Tigerettes won their game against Upperman 50-45. #23 Briley Driver scored an impressive 19 points in the game. #40 Leah Anderson scored 17 points. #20 Macy Kemp added 7. #14 Paige Clark added 5. And, #21 Jade Ellis added 2. Overall, they made 17 of 20 attempted free-throws, 12 of 24 two-point and 3 of 12 three-point shots. They put 13 points on the board in the first quarter, 9 in the second, 14 in the third and 14 in the fourth.

12/12/13 MCHS v Livingston Academy Boys 49-61

The home game against Livingston Academy on December 12th was delayed for nearly two hours due to a last-minute referee substitute. Both teams had plenty of time to practice while they and a packed gymnasium waited for referees. Livingston and Macon County played hard and they were well-matched, but the Tigers lost 49-61. They put 14 points on the board in the first quarter, 9 in the second, 12 in the third and 14 in the fourth. With 20, #20 Evan Perrigo was the highest scorer for the Tigers. #44 Dillon McCormick contributed 11 points. #10 Michael Ashburn added 7. #12 Alex Hill added 4. #23 Peyton Clark contributed 3. And, #30 Mayson Shrum and #25 Trace McPherson added 2 each.

12/12/13 MCHS v Livingston Academy Girls 45-40

The girls won their game against Livingston Academy and it wasn’t easy. Like the boys’ teams, the girls from Macon County and Livingston Academy were well- and almost equally matched. Livingston fans filled the gym and they were serious. They knew the game. They knew their players and they weren’t afraid to share their thoughts. The Livingston Academy girls wore the words “Hog Eye” stitched across the backs of their uniforms, a reference and homage to a former state champion girls’ basketball team that no longer exists. “Hog Eye doesn’t exist any more,” one Livingston fan said. “You have to be from Overton County to have heard of them. The former town of Hog Eye is Monroe now or between Monroe and Boon.”

Macon County scored the first points for the game, but Livingston quickly tied it up and forced the Tigerettes to play all out for every remaining second of the game. Macon County put 7 point on the board in the first quarter, 16 in the second, 7 in the third, and 15 in the fourth. The game was close throughout, with Macon County and Livingston trading a two to three-point advantage back and forth until the very last minute. With 20.5 seconds to go, Macon County’s Reese Shrum sunk a free-throw, garnering a one-point lead for Macon County. Securing a win, she sank another with 9.6 seconds left in the game. The final score was 45-40 Macon County. Head Coach Jeff Beam said, “I thought it was a good effort on both teams’ parts. I was really proud of our slowing the game down and executing our game plan and the free-throws down the stretch and was pleased to see the girls limiting our turnovers.”

#21 Jade Ellis made a 3 pointer in the third quarter. #22 Reese Shrum made 11 points in the game, including two 3-point shots. #23 Briley Driver made 8 points, including one 3-point shot. #40 Leah Anderson made 9 points. And, #14 Paige Clark was the top scorer for the game with 14 points, including a 3 pointer.

12/13/13 MCHS v York Institute Boys 48-59

On December 13th, the Tigers played an away game against York Institute. The boys lost 48-59. They put 9 points on the board in the first quarter, 12 in the second, 10 points in the third and 17 in the fourth. #25 Trace McPherson put 4 points on the board. #20 Evan Perrigo scored 16. #23 Peyton Clark added 7, including a 3 pointer. #30 Mayson Shrum added 6 with a 3 pointer and 3 completed free-throws. #40 Dillon McCormick added 10 points. #10 Michael Ashburn added 5, including what is becoming for him a trademark 3-point shot.

12/13/13 MCHS v York Institute Girls 49-39

The Tigerettes won their game against York Institute 49-39. They put 9 points on the board in the first quarter, 15 in the second, 11 in the third and 14 in the fourth quarter. #22 Reese Shrum scored 14 points, including two 3-pointers. #40 Leah Anderson also scored 14 points. #23 Briley Driver scored 11 points. #14 Paige Clark contributed 6 with two 3-point baskets, and #12 Kassidy Brooks added 4.

12/14/13 MCHS v Lebanon Boys 57-71

Rounding out a busy week, the Tigers played Lebanon in Lafayette on Saturday, December 14th. They lost the game 57-71. Having lost games against Upperman, Livingston and York Institute earlier in the week, the loss on Saturday was disheartening. In the game against Lebanon, however, they did not play dispiritedly. Nor did they let down their guard for a minute. They played hard. They played well. And they played with heart. The Tigers put the first points on the board, but Lebanon caught up and kept the lead. Overall, the Tigers put 22 points on the board in the first quarter, 11 in the second quarter, 10 in the third and 14 in the fourth. #10 Michael Ashburn contributed 13 points to the game, including three 3-pointers, two in the last quarter. #25 Trace McPherson contributed 4 points to the game. #23 Peyton Clark added 9. #30 Mayson Shrum was particularly impressive on offense throughout the game and contributed 13 points. #44 Dillon McCormick contributed 11. #11 Tyler Carlisle contributed 5. And, #24 Nick Hill contributed 2.

12/14/13 MCHS v Lebanon Girls 33-47

The girls lost their game against Lebanon 33-47. They fought hard, but succumbed in the end to a better offense. They put 10 points on the board in the first quarter, 5 in the second quarter, 6 in the third and 12 in the fourth. #21 Jade Ellis scored 2. #20 Macy Kemp scored 3, #22 Reese Shrum scored 3. #23 Briley Driver scored 10. #40 Leah Anderson scored 4. #14 Paige Clark scored 3. #12 Kassidy Brooks scored 2. #10 Marisa Owens scored 2. And, #41 Luci Allen scored 4.




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