Locals gather to reminisce

By Kayla Fleming

The first Wednesday of every month, a group of men, graduates of Smith County High School, meet for breakfast at La Tia in Lafayette. The men travel from Mount Juliet, Smith County, and other surrounding areas, and some even reside here locally, and as their usual waiter, Jay Linville, will tell you, they are always “alive and kicking.”

“We used to come to Lafayette for fun.” One of the men laughs while another adds, “And for the girls.” The men say when they were in high school, they would drive to Lafayette, circle the square, and park at Clifton’s Quick Dip.

All of the men, except one, graduated with the class of 1965, the one exception graduated in 1967, and they are quick to tell you that maintaining their friendship the past 50 years is “a 60s thing.” Another chalks it up to respect for each other, while someone else chimes, “And we don’t live too close to one another!”

The men say that anyone who graduated from Smith County High School is welcome to join them for breakfast. “The foods good and the service is good.” One says, while another smiles, “We’re proud to be here.”


By Kayla Fleming

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