Student’s 4-H news


Mrs. Dickerson’s 4th grade class

By: Jaycee Meador

On November 22, 2016 the 4 -H meeting for Mrs. Dickerson’s 4th grade class was held at Lafayette Elementary School. Micheal Lancaster did the 4-H Pledge. Logan did the Pledge of Allegiance. Akeelah Hogan did the thought of the day. The November meeting activity was public speaking. The activity participants were Daisy Caratachea, Calvin Santes, Jaycee Meador, Mia Copp, Nayeli Tecalero, Angela Perez, Gracey Wilmore, Ty Young, Christian Patterson Killian Jetton, Gus Martin, Micheal Lancaster, and Haylee Hernandez. Both Daisy Caratachea and Calvin Santes will move on to the county contest. The next meeting activity will be the poster contest. The next meeting will be held in January 2017.


Mrs. Dunn’s Homeroom 4-H Meeting

By Mattie Kay Goad

Mrs. Dunn’s homeroom class held their November 4-H meeting and we gave our speeches. The winners were Mattie Goad, Kaycee Ludick, and Karlie Napier. I did my speech about comparing softball and 4-H, Kaycee done her speech about friendship, and Karlie done her speech about a secret recipe. The winners received a blue ribbon and were invited to participate in the county wide contest in December. During our meeting, I read my report and the secretary read the minutes for the last meeting. Our vice president picked people to say the 4-H pledge, the pledge of allegiance, and the thought of the day. For our January meeting, we are going to have a poster contest for 4-H.


Mrs. Horton’s 4-H Meeting

Our meeting today began by being called to order by our president, Londyn Presley. The pledge to the United States flag was led by Riley Gregory and the 4-H pledge was led by Daniel Stagner. Our secretary, Malia Liles, called roll by having everyone answer with their middle name. The minutes were read by the reporter.

Our activity this month was the poster contest. Several students (9) made really nice posters. The winner of the contest was Jacob Willis. Mrs. Kayla talked to our class about Chick Chain and about our activity for next month which is demonstrations. She also told us about horse judging and the Clover Bowl.

Reporter: Elizabeth Hauskin


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