Westside Elementary honors student


Westside faculty and staff celebrated World Diabetes Day in honor of Kambri on November 13th. Kambri is the daughter of Mrs. Cody Mungle, a 4th grade teacher at Westside. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just shy of her 3rd birthday on July 5th of this year.

Westide Principal Angela Marshall commented, “While Type 1 Diabetes can’t be prevented, a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference in managing it successfully and Kambri at her young tender age is doing just that. Like her momma, she is a fighter and is managing her Type 1 gracefully. Kambri is just a baby and doesn’t know the reality of Diabetes, she just lives it. Her parents however do, and today we just wanted them to know that we at Westside love Kambri and all of the Mungle family and will fight for them and beside them.”



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