Students 4-H reports


Mrs. Horton’s Class 4-H Report

In our first 4-H meeting, Mrs. Lynn helped everyone complete their enrollment forms and gave each student a handbook. The handbook listed all the projects for the school year. We also made a list of the activities we would like to participate in. Mrs. Lynn explained about the judging project, talked about the cooking classes, and told us about the horse judging in March, 2017.

Prior to Mrs. Lynn coming to our class, we had held an officer election. The 4-H officers for Mrs. Horton’s class this year are President Londyn Presley; Vice-President Kaylee Dorris; Secretary Malia Liles, and Reporter Elizabeth Hauskin. We are looking forward to a fun year in 4-H.

Mrs. Jill’s Class 4-H Report

Mrs. Jill’s 4H Club at Macon Christian Academy met last month for their first meeting of the year. 4-H agents, Kayla Jenkins and Lynne Knight explained hat 4-H is and all about the fun things that you can be involved in. We filled out a form which made us 4-H members. They explained the public speaking contest which is next month’s club activity.

We elected officers: President Landen Warner, Vice-President Austin Woodard, Secretary Noah Barber, and Reporter Elyssa Walrond.

We look forward to an exciting year in 4-H. God bless.

Elyssa Walrond, Reporter

Mrs. Dunn Homeroom 4-H meeting

By Mattie Goad

Last month was our first 4-H meeting for Mrs. Dunn’s homeroom. The 4-H agent showed us how to conduct a meeting. She gave us a hand book that shows what the president, vice president, secretary and reporter has to do. The Presidents job is to help everyone work together, presides over the meeting, assign responsibilities to the club members and works closely with other 4-H officers, teachers, volunteers, leaders and 4-H agents. The Vice President takes the place of the President if they are out. The Vice President selects 4-H members to lead the pledges and read the thought of the day each month. The Secretary has one of the most important responsible: they keep a record of 4-H club meetings along with calling a creative roll call each month. The Reporter has the opportunity and responsibility of telling others about 4-H work by writing a report and delivering to the local newspaper. We elected our officers who are: President – Ana Hix, Vice-President – Kason Roark, Secretary – Kaycee Ludick, and Reporter – Mattie Goad. Our first activity is public speaking; we only get 1-2 minutes to do it.

Mrs. Atkin’s 4 grade class

Mrs. Atkins’ 4th grade class (second block) at Lafayette Elementary School recently had out first 4-H meeting. We elected the officers for our class. Those elected were President Coltin Jenkins, Vice President Addison Bowlds, Secretary Ashlyn Phelps and Reporter Kyra Gregory. We talked about the 4-H officers and what they are to do during each meeting. We also learned about getting different kinds of animals that we could take care of and even have as a 4-H project. It was a good first meeting for our class.

Kyra Gregory

4-H Reporter


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