2014 Cutest Kid receives prize money from Tri-County

July 26, 2014

Tri-County Executive Vice-President and General Manager Paul Thompson presented the winner of this year’s Cutest Kids Contest with her prize money on Thursday, July 24.

This was the Times announcement, printed in early July when tallied votes showed now 9-month-old Alaya Hargrave as the winner.

“After weeks of duking it out with their adorable little eyes, their overwhelming dimples, and their chubby little arms, the 2014 Cutest Kid has risen to the top and declared herself queen over all. There were 32 children entered into this year’s contest, but only one kid, in the end, could earn the votes to make them a winner.

“The little tyke who takes home the honor and glory is 8-month-old Alaya Hargrave, of Lafayette. Alaya’s mom, Candice, wrote on Alaya’s behalf, ‘I’m an 8-month-old happy little girl. I love playing with mommy and daddy and also my kittens, Milo and Otis. I love spending time with my family and cuddling.’”

The contest was sponsored by Tri-County Electric.