Swifty gas station closes for good

Tilly Dillehay

May 29, 2014

The Swifty gas station in Lafayette is officially closed for business as of Thursday, May 29. Former employees—and other news outlets in the middle Tennessee area—have commented that the closure is probably due to the death of company founder Don W. Myers, Sr.

Myers founded the company in 1963 and according to internet sources, still owned about 180 stations at the time of his death at the age of 92.

Lafayette employees told customers throughout the few days prior to closure that the station would soon be out of gas, and would not be purchasing more. Employees had already been informed that at some unknown date, a closing crew would arrive and complete the shut down, at which time they would be out of a job.

Gas pumps, one by one, were covered in plastic bags on Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Thursday, gas prices had been removed from the Swifty sign.

Swifty company representatives declined to comment.

Local customers, such as one Sam C. (name changed), commented that they were not happy that the Walmart gas station was losing its competition, which always kept both stations’ prices low.