Times copies from 1968 discovered in school bus garage

By Tilly Dillehay, Editor

March 21, 2014

Randy Robinson, Maintenance Supervisor for Macon County Schools, stopped by to show us an amazing find this week. “We were replacing some old windows in the bus garage,” said Robinson, “and we found these.”

He carefully unrolled some old copies of the Macon County Times, dated from some time in 1968. One of the yellowed sheets displayed a Presidential election ad with Richard Nixon's prominent face.

“They were using them as insulation,” said Robinson. “They were rolled up in the frames. Some of them were rolled so tight we couldn't get them unrolled in one piece, but these we did.”

Robinson said that the windows were probably original, and that he has no idea how long the bus garage has been standing. Obviously, we concluded, at least as far back as 1968…