County Commission votes to support rec. soccer and softball, RBS Fire Dept., and veterans cemetery projects

Submitted minutes

March 12, 2014

The Macon County Board of Commissioners Committee of the Whole met on Monday, March 10 at 6:00 p.m.

Present were Chris Wix, Kenneth Witte, Jeff Hughes, Phillip Snow, Jerry Ray, Scott Gammons, Larry Tucker, Mchelle Phillips, Tony Boles, Ronnie McDuffee, Benton Bartley, Rosetta Driver, Ron Morey, Wendell Jones, Anthony Bullington Todd Doss, Cathy White and Helen Hesson, Bryan Carter and Dewayne Whittemore.

The following business was conducted (all passed motions will also be deferred to next meeting for second vote):

Minutes were approved from 2/24/14 Legislative Body Meeting, 12/17/13 Planning Committee Meeting.

Budget Amendments #1 Animal control, #2 Public Safety-Disaster Grant, #3 Public Health & Welfare-Health Department, #4 County Buildings, #5 Other Health Services-Health Department, #6 Property Assessor, #7 Highway Department, and #8 Sheriff Department were all approved.

Resolution #100-3/2014 recognizing the MCJH Boys Basketball Team was approved.

Resolution #101-3/2014 Capital Outlay Note, establishing a $500,000 line of credit for the Highway Department was approved.

Mayor Linville congratulated Tony Boles on being selected as Director of schools. Discussion ensued in regards to Tony’s resignation from the commission. Resignation will be at a later date.

The board approved Fiscal Strength & Efficient Government 3-Star Program requirements.

Discussion ensued regarding Debt Service loans and payments. An extra payment was made on the Highway Projects and RBS roof loan in August, 2013. A motion was made by Snow and seconded by Wix to authorize Mayor Linville to pay off two Debt Service Loans (RBS & Central Projects and Little League Lights). Motion carried.

Commissioner Ron Morey read the Justice Center Resolution in regards to prisoner boarding. The resolution reads that any and all money is to be deposited into Debt Service and paid toward the Justice Center. Discussion ensued.

A list of Macon County Board of Health committee members was approved. It includes Dr, Hanna Ilia, Dr. Femi Odunusi, Lynn Cothron, DDS, Latise Jones, RN, and Alaina Clendenin, PHARMD, along with the County Mayor, Health Department Director, Director of Schools and the Health Officer.

Mike Scott, Veteran’s Officer, was present to request the commissioners to support the Veteran’s cemetery project for Macon County Veterans. The approximate cost will be $14,700 for Macon County. Discussion ensued, and they voted to support the project, provided that Overton County is the location accepted for the cemetery.

Brian Carter with the Macon County Recreational Soccer Board updated the commissioners on the status of the concession stand. He also requested an additional $5,000 to finish the concession stand at the soccer fields. The commissioners voted to give the soccer league $5,000 from fund balance for remaining repairs.

Kyle Turner with the Macon County Recreational Softball Board updated the commissioners on the status of the concession stand. Commissioners voted to give the softball league $6,106.17 from fund balance for the remaining repairs.

George McCrary with the city of Red Boiling Springs was present to inform the commissioners that 85% of the fire calls accepted by RBS Fire Department are outside of the city limits. Mr. McCrary stated that the city taxpayers were funding this. He requested $25,000 from the county to go toward the purchase of a new fire engine. Total cost for the new engine will be approximately $172,000. Mr. McCrary also requested that the $5,000 donation from the county be raised to $10,000 in the next FY 14/15 budget. Discussion Ensued.

Commissioners requested that Mr. McCrary come back during budget time to request the additional $5,000 for the fire calls. They also voted to give Red Boiling Springs $25,000 to go toward the new fire engine and pay out of fund balance in the FY 14/15.

This motion was then rescinded, and passed again without the detail that stipulated the 14/15 fiscal year. Commissioners also voted to sell the old city hall property and use the money to pay toward the fire engine.

After some discussion, the board voted to consider closing the end portion of Shiloh road because of fields being regularly “torn up” by mudding four-wheelers.

Meeting adjourned.