Derrick Gann and Courtney Cox

By Kelly Rich

February 14, 2014

Names: Derrick Gann and Courtney Cox

Together since: Wedding date is February 15, 2014

How did you meet?

Courtney explains: We went to High School together, we didn’t even know each other, he was a senior and I was a freshman. He had a thing for me but I didn’t know it. He added me on Facebook after he graduated and we talked on there for about three years. We knew who each other was, and our parents knew each other, but we didn’t really know each other. We talked to each other every day on Facebook and he would ask me how my day went. He was going to Vol State so we didn’t see each other but we talked all the time. He was my go-to, my best friend, we talked every day.

When I was working at Sonic, I will never forget it, it was my first day and he pulled up in his Ford Mustang, and I brought out his grape slushy and we talked forever. I found out later he told his aunt that he was going to marry me.

The first few dates we went on were double dates with other people, I would be with somebody and he would be with somebody, but we would end up talking to each other more than to the other people we went with.

Finally, one day, I woke up and realized he was the one I was supposed to be with.

So we started to hanging out a lot and on Valentine’s Day and he sent me flowers to school. I never got anything sent to school, so I was walking in the hall with all those roses and crying.

He asked me out to eat and we went to Cracker Barrel because that’s my favorite place and on the way home, he gave me a Valentine’s bag that had Sweet Tarts candy, a horseshoe necklace and a pillow pet that was a puppy and had hearts on it. So we decided to make it official the day after Valentine’s.

The day we get married will be three years from the day we became official.

Relationship Advice:

My dad told us, ‘It’s not going to always be perfect, there’s always going be stuff, mountains that you have to climb; just keep God number one and you can make it through everything.’