City of Lafayette changes fire call rates

Tilly Dillehay Editor

January 9, 2014

The City of Lafayette Council meeting was held on Tuesday, January 7.

Before the meeting, public hearings were held to solicit comments on the proposed annexation and plans of service for the following properties:

5.29 acres owned by Tracey Tuck, located at Northeastern Corporate boundary of Lafayette.

12.52 acres of property owned by Dale Hix and Tony Polston, located South of Hwy 52 Bypass, west of the city of Lafayette.

Public hearings were also held to discussed proposed zoning amendments, to properties located on Bratton Avenue. The properties were to change from R-1 Low Density Residential to R-2 High Density Residential, and belonged to Tammy Driver , Stevie Hargis, and Dale Hix.

The following business was conducted during the meeting:

Minutes were approved for December 3, December 10, and December 17 meetings.

Ordinance 655, an ordinance amending sewer fees and titles, passed on second and final reading.

Ordinance 656, an ordinance amending connection charges, passed on second and final reading.

New Business:

Resolutions 01-07-2014A, 01-07-2014B, 01-07-2014C, and 01-07-2014D were adopted. These were plans of service for proposed annexation and zoning classification of property belonging to Tracey Tuck, Dale Hix, Tony Polston.

Ordinances 657, 658, 659, 660, 661, and 663 were passed. These ordinances were to annex territory owned by Dale Hix and Tony Polston, incorporate the same into the boundaries of Lafayette, and amend official zoning map of Lafayette.

Ordinance 663 was passed, amending Title 7, Fire Protection and Fireworks, fees for outside fire calls and false alarms fee, on first reading. (7)-(402). Fee for outside fire calls. The fee for answering fire calls outside the corporate limits of the City of Lafayette is now $500.00. The fee for answering false alarm fire calls inside and outside the corporate limits of the City of Lafayette will now be $50.00. Additional false alarm fire calls within a thirty-day period shall be $100.00 per call.

The council authorized to get energy audit and submit energy grant application for funding to replace the single paned windows and install high efficiency lighting at city hall.

The council approved Rocky Hudson’s promotion to the Assistant Supervisor of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, from level 6 to level 8. Salary will be at starting pay of level 8, and Hudson has been properly certified to run the plant.

Meeting adjourned.