“Maple Hill Center” under construction

Tilly Dillehay Editor

December 11, 2013

Developer William Carter recently announced his intention to build a strip mall on the land immediately adjacent to the Tractor Supply on Hwy 52 in Lafayette. The mostly brick construction will contain 5-7 retail facilities, all with storefronts facing Hwy 52.

Carter purchased the land at auction about a year ago. It was previously owned by the Harris family. “Ms. Harris used to call that area Maple Hill, so we’re going to call the shopping center Maple Hill Center in honor of that,” said Carter.

The facilities will offer standard city water, sewer, electric, and gas. The size of each unit will be between 1,000 and 2,400 square feet. “Getting the lot ready is all we’ve been doing up to this point,” Carter added. “Starting in January, you’ll start seeing a building arise. Now basically, the parking lot and drainage system is roughed in, and the floors are in.”

Chris Crowder Construction is doing the work. The building should be completed in either May or June of 2014. Carter could not make any statements about possible businesses that will be located in the space, but interested parties should contact him at (615) 666-2104.

Carter is calling this first 5-7 unit structure Phase 1 of a three phase building process. The next phases would involve another 10-14 units, for a total of about 36,000 square feet. There is no set date for construction of Phases 2 or 3.