Marching Tigers honored with proclamation

December 2, 2013

A Proclamation Commending the Performance of the Macon County High School Marching Band of 2013-14.

WHEREAS; the Macon County High School marching band have received many honors and awards during the 2013-2014 school year under the direction of Joey Wilburn and Jennifer Holmes and hereby deserve recognition from the people of Macon County; and

WHEREAS; the hard work, dedication and determination by this group of band members inspires the student body at MCHS and should serve as an inspiration to everyone; and

WHEREAS; on October 19th new Band Director Joey Wilburn and his assistant Jennifer Holmes, along with the Marching Tiger Band, traveled to TN Tech University to participate in the USBANDS State of Tennessee Competition; and

WHEREAS; during this competition the band received 2nd place Percussion, Best Guard, Best Music and Best Visual while earning the Group 2A State Championship for 2013; and

WHEREAS; members of the 2013-2014 Marching Tiger Band consists of:

Aysiah Oglesby

Alley Brown

John Griffith

Casey Martin

Tabitha Truong

Jamie Wright

Sammy Warfield

Tyler Fedor

Jayson Kirby

Amber Hallock

Josh Sturges

Jordan Thompson

Samantha Gonzales

Shawnee Fox

Larissa Sowers

Lupe Cervantes

Alex Hill

Antonio Arias

Jeffery Stimez

Jacob McClard

Gunnar Whitt

Robert Nixson

Maddie Tomlinson

Garrison Coulter

Kayla Jackson

Jacob Barber

Autumn Gammon

Megan Whizenhunt

Meghan Norfleet

Alisson Bray

Rian Kirby

Jordan Kelly

Harlee Martin

Nick Hill

Jessie Paris

Jacob Gammon

Clayton Reid

Carley Miller

Shawntel Whittemore

Victoria Kirkland

Cody White

Bailey Howell

Caleb Flemming

Joanna Farmer

Ignacio Cervantes

Hathel Joins

Amber Kirby

Matt Harper

Amber Wilson

Courtney Gammon

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Legislative Body of Macon County, Tennessee meeting this 2nd day of December, 2013, that it recognize and congratulate the 2013-2014 Marching Tiger Band for their successful year and for representing their school and the county of Macon with distinct honor.

Approved this 2nd Day of December, 2013.