A Westmoreland man was charged with sexual battery and domestic on his daughterin- law after the two were sitting in a parked car in a field off the roadway on Sept. 11. Michael Shane Tracy, 49, of 1164 Siloam Church Road, Westmoreland, was identified as the driver of the vehicle. When the Macon County Sheriff’s Department deputies made contact with Tracy, they noticed a female passenger in the vehicle that was visibly upset.

The woman at first refused to answer any questions as to why she was upset. But after officers spoke with her for a short time, she told them that Tracy struck here in the face,

causing her to fall to the ground.

While she was on the ground, the woman stated that Tracy jumped on top of her, holding her down and began to grab her breasts and waist after she pleaded with him to stop.

When examined by officers, the woman had a swollen left jaw.

Tracy was taken to the

Macon County Jail, where his bond was set at $40,000 after he was charged with sexual battery, domestic assault and violation of probation. He was due in Macon County General Sessions Court on Sept. 27 to face those charges.